Babywearing Don’ts

Since becoming a babywearing mama, I’ve noticed a lot of badly designed carriers on the market. There is also a trend of wearing your baby facing outwards, however many doctors agree that this places undue stress on the baby’s immature spine by allowing the baby’s full body weight to be supported at the base of his/her spine (the crotch) while the legs dangle.



1. Don’t let your babies legs hang from the hips.

According to the International Hip Dysplasia Institute, babies with dangling, straight legs are at risk of developing hip dysplasia. The thigh must be supported to the knee joint.


2. Don’t wear your baby too low.

The higher up your baby is on your body, the easier it’ll be on your back, so baby needs to be close enough to kiss. This is especially important with newborns so that you can make sure their airways are unobstructed and you’re able to observe their breathing. (And PS how cute are Dad’s that babywear?!)


3. Don’t wear your baby facing outwards.

The only carrier that I would be happy wearing my baby in an outward facing position would be the Ergo 360, also incredibly difficult to get your hands on in South Africa. Other than that, I haven’t seen any that I would personally feel comfortable putting my baby in. Below are 9 reasons not to carry your baby facing outwards.