The Fourth Trimester

wombThe fourth trimester is such a beautiful concept and when you understand it and accept it for what it is, it makes life with your newborn baby so much more relaxed and enjoyable.

Most people understand the 3 trimesters of pregnancy as:

  • First trimester: 0-13 weeks
  • Second trimester: 14-26 weeks
  • Third trimester: 27-40 weeks

The fourth trimester looks at the first 12 weeks after birth, and these are often the most challenging weeks for any new Mom (and Dad!)

Just imagine how scary this big wide world must be for our little babies. They’ve been living inside Mommy for a whole 40 weeks and then suddenly, they find themselves alone in a cot – new sounds, new smells, new everything!

The most familiar sound for any newborn baby is the sound of their Mommy’s heartbeat. You’ll often hear new Mom’s say things like that: “he just screams unless he is in my arms”, “it’s impossible for me to put her down, even for a second”…

Of course some babies are a lot more sensitive than others, some babies are happy to be alone in their cots from day 1, while others want to be ‘on’ their Mommy’s almost 24/7.

Babywearing is a great way to help your new babe ease into the world with all it’s new sensory experiences, while still feeling and hearing the familiar heartbeat that he/she has been so intimately involved with for the last 40 weeks.

Babywearing has many benefits – for both Mommy (or Daddy) and baby.

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