Types of Baby Carriers

Ubuntu Baba Baby Carrier

Leo riding in his Ubuntu Baba hemp & organic cotton baby carrier

Every babywearing mama will have their favourite baby carrier. For me, it started with the stretchy wrap. When my little guy hit 7kg’s I felt like I needed a little more support, so I upgraded to an Ergobaby Performance carrier – unfortunately these are very difficult to find in South Africa. I was lucky enough to find my Ergobaby carrier secondhand on gumtree and for a few months Leo absolutely loved it.

However, as soon as the South African summer hit, things started to get a little sweaty in there with all the padding and I just couldn’t find the perfect baby carrier to suit our needs so I decided to design my own.

I’ve tried so many different baby carriers and wraps since Leo was born, and there are certain things I enjoy from certain ones and certain things I don’t. My idea was to take everything I enjoyed and combine it into one perfect baby carrier, so these days we’re sporting our Ubuntu Baba hemp and organic cotton baby carrier, a true combination of everything we love.

Below are some examples of different baby carriers:

  • Stretchy wrap
  • Kate Hudson with baby in a ring sling
  • Soft structured carrier, front carry position
  • Soft structured carrier, back carry position
  • Mei Tai